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i did not take any Dvar's interview, so here you'll find only one interview that i know about. it was taken by anton shehovtzov (man from alter.ego zine), original of this interview you'll find on the black kobzar site.

Whatever was the person's ideological inclusion, greeting with [...] makes a radical turn in his existence, as a result of this turn he opened a world of a Spirit, of a Sacral, and a freedom, that is to say existence as a God's creativity or the world consecrated by the God's attendance (Mircha to Helliada. Mephistopheles and an androgyny)
(A.S.'s note- I consciously passed one very important key word)

There is no point to you in reading this interview if you never listened even one song of this band. If you do not acquainted with Dvar's creativity I recommend you to visit, where you'll find one song from the last single "Taai Liira". There you also can get some information about band's music. So, I don't want to write anything about Dvar from myself "Who has the ear will listen".

-What pushed you to work with music - enthusiasm of music itself or the wish to express some kind of ideology?

-We always created music in usual understanding of this word, but Dvar for us is not just music. We are doing this because we can't do not do it almost a couple of years. We are the guides of something that we can't understand ourselves. This something came to us from Dvar.

-Can you tell a short story about Dvar from its birth to nowadays?

-One night strange kind of creature came to one of us in his dream. In the end of the talk it called oneself. After awaking this word was written on the paper in the Latin alphabetic letters. This name is Dvar.

After a short time we began to create a DVAR. It's an impossible thing to say, how it goes through us and covers in the musical and phonetic forms. With the time we learned do not give anything to music from ourselves. Everything what you've heard is the DVAR itself. It has more similarities with a medium's practice than with simply people's creativity. Everything what we've done before happened in different way.

-I'm not sure; know you about Varney's ideas and creativity of -Sopor Aeternus, but she said that her band and all her music is the guides of shadows, who dictate to her all the music and words... Any comments?

-We know about Anna-Varney. Her creativity is deeply personal and it bears changes to herself. We think, we understand that She goes into the same conditions as we do. There are a lot of people who did it. Remember Paganini, Vrubel, Blaick, Dante...

-I heard you've done with three albums. I know the name of two last albums but what was the first release? Is it different from the last albums in music or ideas?

-First works as a Raii, will never be published. Even a small diffusion of Raii was a mistake. These works prepared us. Now we feel ourselves ready.

-Does it mean the global publishing of the Dvar? Do you have any plans for the new full-length album or concerts?

- Yes, we'll extend new album. Concerts are impossible

- There is a lot of new ideas in the Dvar's music, but sound, may be, damages the musical equipment which you use. Do you have any plans for the development of the material foundations?

-Any musical equipment is just an instrument of the idea; the results shall don't depend of it. Other ideas will sound in the different way, but we know what we are doing, and how it's necessary for Dvar.

-In what language you write a Dvar's songs? Are there any texts on Yiddish?

- Text as a music was inspired by the DVAR. Sacral meaning has the phonetic itself, for comfort everything writing in the Latin letters.

- Is the title DVAR a part of the expression "D'var Torah" or "Divrei Torah"? Or it has a different meaning "word" If yes, for whom you send this message?

- It doesn't have any connections with Dvar Torah, but all the coincidences evidently are nonrandom, if say more exactly, Dvar Torah means "penetration". And we already feel this penetration. We don't know who is an addressee. We feel ourselves a little part of some global movement - Taai. Length of Taai in the time is enormous; nobody knows what the DVAR wants to do through us in that phase. May be, an effect on many people or on one specifically person, may be, our own experiences and we are the object of this effect. We feel that we are changing. DVAR changes us.

-I think everybody, who met with your music, has this effect. If it wasn't so and object of this effect was only you, you'll just keep the music in yourself. What about the changes-do you think it changes you in positive or in negative side?

-Before it was a thing inside us, but now it striving outside. What about changes it can be everything. Ignoramus, juggles a saber, can leave himself without hands. Lucid person can get a lot of useful things and he'll understand a lot. If you remember a story about four wise men. First of them went mad, second died, third became a heretic and only fourth came with peace and left with peace...

-I think, you know what happened to man who made your unofficial site in the internet. What do you think about it? Did he get any messages or he went not on the right way?

-We think he is just a very sensitive person. We are feeling sorry for him. Raai was not for large spreading. And we don't know does this site is necessary. We think it's another point.

-Did you ever tried to understand DVAR? Just to figure it out by yourself?

-Say, how mush will know the prophet, who'll see the deep future? How much understand the man who see the ancient book in the language that gone a long time ago? We are not the prophets and we understand the grits. We can't understand it. We have another goals.

-Did you ever tried to connect DVAR between DVAR (thing, word-Hebrew) and Logos (Greek-word). So in Bible Logos associated with a Christů There was a strong parallels: El Sadday (Almighty God) - God's son- Logos - DVAR...

-You are right.

-What do you think about Cabbala's learning?

-Yes. We know that DVAR is 211, as since everything that happened pushed us to find the answer, all our searches in the Earth are nothing.

- D (4) + V (5) + R (200) = 209. I think vowel sounds are not allowed in Hebrew, but if you add A (1), you'll get 210. Why 211? Also one interesting thing - "D" means "door" and also can be a symbol of stability and solidity, and "V" means risk and can be a symbol of uncertainty and instability. Mutual exclusion things where, by the way, lead the stability. And image of risk of enter in the door. Any Comments?

-Yes it is. In the numbers you made a little mistake. So you want to find it too? It's useless.

anton shehovtzov


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