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27/07/01 Finally we have found an Editor to our English section of Dark Mood Literature - nikola. Send your comments to her e-mail.

Amateur: AmberSky - prose, HerSorrow - poetry, Stan Porch - poetry. Check it here

Classic: Poetry: Anna Akhmatova, Lord Byron, John Donne, Keats, E.A. Poe, Henry Longfellow, Octavio Paz, Dylan Thomas. Prose: E.A. Poe, H.P. Lovcraft. Check it here

Reviews: Lydia Chukovskaya “Sofia Petrovna", Vassily Grossman “Forever Flowing", Franz Kafka “Metemorphasis”. Check it here

06/09/00 We have added Chat to our server. Check on the left menu.

02/07/00 New author in Amateur section - Harmony

English Version of Literature Section of Russian Gothic Project will NOT be updated until we find a person who will manage it. Please feel free to write to us

26/02/00 New author in Amateur section - Marcus Peterson

30/10/99 Russian Gothic Project is searching for Editor of Dark Mood Literature English version. If you think you could manage it, please feel free to write about it to

27/08/99 Lord Dunsani, Fazgir

Check Amateur section and Classic for news..



Weekly updates in ART Section.

Community news

- Community expands with Andrey Polushkin site.

- Community expands with Dominius' Art site.

- Community expands with Scott Radkes' site.

- Unofficial Requiem in White and Mors Syphilitica sites move in into our disk space.

- Grief Records announces its decision to move to in the nearest future.


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