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23/10/04 Updates: Art projects: Jeff Lowe, Maria, Pavel Surma, Juriy Vasilev, A. Casian & Ophelia667, A.B.N., Sergey Smirnov, BloodPain, Desmodus Rotundus, Lukas Klepke, Vikush, Kleora

Photo projects: Vardanyan, Evgeniy Shaman, ObiVan, Prague by Dogma and Stabat Mater

07/03/04 New works: Paschalis Zervas, Lomien.

New artists: Sam, Mertisha, Brain Crusher.

In Photo section - new author - Evgeniy Shaman.

24/01/04 New works: Lukasz Banach, CepeS, mr.Angelious Kisser, Catherine, Nastena.

New artists: Julius Hoffman, Nick T, Brut, Juri Vassiljev, Paschalis Zervas, Bloody Mary, Lilith, Kriza, Axxis.

In our Photo section two new works: Photos by Vlad Gans и Kiev in the Night by Jin Kazama.

24/10/03 In our new update you can enjoy the sixth site in S.U.R.Realism project - Decay.

New works by Andreev Alexey, Lomien, Nastena, Blood Pain. New artists: Korey, mr.Angelious Kisser.

Selected works by William Blake (thnx to Lomien).

In our Photo section - Flamma Aeterna by Lizett.

12/06/03 New: CepeS, Raziel

25/05/03 The fifth site in S.U.R. Realis serie - http://dark.gothic.ru/sur/2001

New: Catherine, Urfin_DjuS, Zella, Dalila, Lomien, Blood Pain, Nastena, Gray Saint

Retro nu postcards

01/12/02New site at our server - Katrina Grekof Projects (http://dark.gothic.ru/grekof)

Update of - S.U.R.Realism project - the 4th site - Insane Clown Cells (60 works!)

Works by Yoshitaka Amano for Vampire Hunter D theme (thanx to Nikita Makarov)

New member of our Art project - Jeff Lowe

New works by Elle, Langust'a & - Masterion

In Photo section check a new project: Prague - strange photos

05/08/02 Well, finally new update! =) Francis Bacon and Egon Shiele (1890-1918).

New artists in our Art section - Ant, Filippov Yuri, Tigra. New works by Lomien.

In Photo section you may find Gothic Moscow shots and a little serie of German old postards.

Want to subscribe to our news-list? Send your e-mail here and I will add you to our base!

02/06/02 Here is a new big Art update! In Photo section you may enjoy with series of Paris goth photos taken by Misanthrope. Continue to upload a Retro postcards serie.

A new Update at S.U.R.Realism art project - the third site - Black and White (about 50 paintings)

Take a look at a new artist from Nizhniy Novgorod city - Valeriy Barykin. Sur paintings by VladimiR.

New works by Draglo and by IntroVerto.

At "Silentium" by Andrew Polushkin an update in "DIGITAL" section.

14/04/02 Check our new update at the second site of S.U.R.Realism serie - S.U.R. Brown Pages added 9 new works.

An artist from Polland - Lukasz Banach

New works by Alexey Andreev, Lomien; new artists at our site: cryptocid, dr.Forbs

12/02/02 Take a look at our new Amateurs update: Lumbricus terrestris, Draglo, new works by Dr. Mengel'a, Elle.

In Photo section you may see a serie of retro postcards (taken before 1917) - thanx to Marina (Intro Verto)

New site in big Art Project - S.U.R.Realism - S.U.R. Brown Pages.

At SILENTIUM a new virtual exhibition - "Horse town". And also new works from 2001 in DIGITAL section.

08/01/02 New artist in Amateur section - Dr. Mengel; and the beginning of a large project - S.U.R.Realism - the first site of this series S.U.R. Art project.

03/01/02 Some new paintings by Lomien. New artists in Classic section: Gustav Adolf Mossa (1883-1971) and german symbolist-expressionist painter Franz von Stuck (1863-1928). Russian Gothic Project expands with another literature-art project - "Back Side of the Moon" - http://dark.gothic.ru/moon (sorry, most texts are in russian)

24/11/01 New works by Langust, Dim Walker, Elle. New artists in Amateur section: MaxLife, Dalvia.

06/10/01 New paintings by Lur. New artist in Amateur section Lomien. Paintings by Lucien Levy-Dhurmer (1865-1953).

26/08/01 New artists in Amateur section: Dim Walker and Garix. Illustrations to William Burroughs's "Nacked Lunch" by Viktor. 2 more paintings by Christophe Vacher. Art section expands with "Sonitarium" art project.

29/07/01 Virtual Cards in dark-goth style by Langust. New artist digital pictures in Amateur section - Elle. Some new works by Vladimir 'August Rain'. A goth photoset from Lyon, France by Artem.

05/07/01 At "Silentium" in Virtual Exhibitions section uploaded new digital pictures by Andrey Polushkin.

24/06/01 New artists in Modern section: Judson Huss and Jean-Yves Kervevan, and also 5 new paintings by Theodor Kittelsen. 2 new artists in Amateur section: Quasimodo and Viktor.

26/05/01 Paintings by Caspar Friedrich, Christophe Vacher, more new works by Zdislaw Beksinski. New artist in Amateur section - Lur.

30/04/01 Art section expands with memento morrra site. There you can browse through Art, Drawings and Photo works (nb: in Photo section please note the forward-back arrows).

New Russian painter in Amateur section Andreev Alexey with his 42 paintings).

6 paintings by Dmitriy Lazarenko.

24/03/01 Norwegian painter Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914). A new author in the Amateur section - kir ill. Two new digital paintings by Vladimir 'August Rain'.

10/02/01 Digital paintings by Vladimir

04/02/01 H.R. Giger's site

20/11/00 Paintings by Piter Bruegel and Gustav Dore

21/10/00 24 news paintings by Onza added.

26/07/00 10 new paintings added at Andrey Polushkin's"Silentium" site.

01/08/00 In Net-Art section a story by cmart "desperanzza" (music by Sopor Aeternus). Don't forget to turn your speakers on!

26/07/00 10 new paintings added at Andrey Polushkin's"Silentium" site.

16/07/00 Paintings by Max Klinger

15/07/00 Paintings by Hieronymous Bosch

22/06/00 Art section expands with Andrew Polushkin's Silentium. (Texts in Russian only)

22/04/00 In Net-Art section a story by cmart "hic incipit tragoedia" (music by Sopor Aeternus). In Photo section "Virtual excursion to Gothic Prague" (sorry, text only is Russian but you'll enjoy 90 HQ photos).

16/04/00 Art section expands with Justaman's Gloomyworld. (Texts in Russian only)

08/04/00 Art section expands with Dominius' Art site. Some new photos in birdy's view of St. Petersburg.

29/01/00 In Net-Art section a story by cmart "knock knock" (do not forget to turn your speakers on - music by Sopor Aeternus).

22/01/00 Art section has expanded with two new artists: Zdislaw Beksinski and Jean Delville (1867-1953).

16/01/00 New artist Scott Radke, Clivelend, USA.

03/01/00 New design and new model Clair at Cemetery Collection.

01/01/00 New author - Grudkin Andrew. Max Ernst.

Community news

- Community expands with S.U.R. Realism art project

- Community expands with Back Side of the Moon art project

- Community expands with Sonitarium art project

- Community expands with memento morrra site

- Community expands with H.R. Giger's site.

- Community expands with Andrey Polushkin site.

- Community expands with Dominius' Art site.

- Community expands with Scott Radkes' site.


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