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all began in the 1998 when i bought my first Dvar's tape. there was no information about the band on it (there is still no information now) tape was called "raii". i was just fascinated by the band's music. by that moment i've already listened to different kinds of so-called gothic music, but I never listened something like Dvar. unfortunately, no one my friends, who listened this album don't know anything about Dvar. only information kept in the tape's insert. it had a reference to the first Dvar's album, about what i can't find any information and i even don't know does it still exist in reality. since that moment when I for a first time listened "raii" in my life happened a lot of scared and mysterious events. may be, it's a paranoia, but I see a connections between them and the demonic music of Dvar. i think that i must notify everybody, who wish to get know what the Dvar's music is about it. my story, written in the form of review you'll find in the unit with the same name. (review was written before i got the new Dvar's album).

for a long time i wasn't sure in the existence of this band, but month ago i found their cd-r single "taai liira" dated 2000. this event pushed me to create a fan site of Dvar. here i'll place all information that i know about band. but i don't have enough information.

people, who call themselves Dvar probably, live anywhere in the moscow (russia) because no one my friends from another cities don't know anything about Dvar. judging from photo from the single it's a duet. names (or pseudonyms) are unknown. as far as i know band exists since the beginning of the 90's. on the hebrew "Dvar" means "a message", "a word". judge from coroner's information Dvar sent to him the single "taai liira" as a track for the russian gothic compilation.


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